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Our Service

At Literacy for Life, we have students from the early primary years through high school and college to adults.

  • Students attend tuition at Literacy for Life, Cook Shops or Kambah, for a one hour session once a week during the ACT government school terms
  • All sessions are individual, one-on-one sessions, at the same time and with the same tutor each week
  • We teach from 8:30am, all through the school day, with our last teaching session beginning at around 5:00pm

Most of our students attend during school hours. A parent/carer collects her/him from school, brings her/him for an hour and then returns her/him to school or home. Schools are usually very supportive of students leaving school for tuition with us. Students enrol for one term and then have the option of keeping their time for the next term if they choose to re-enrol. Although we enrol term by term, most students do attend for more than one term, as they enjoy coming, experience success and see progress.

Our Costs

Rates are subject to change, so please confirm tuition fees upon enquiry or enrolment.

Student Alone

$95per session
  • usually one x one-hour session per week

Student and Parent/Carer/Mentor

$95per session
  • usually one x one-hour session per week

The starting point for families new to Literacy for Life is usually a one-off assessment session that takes about an hour and costs $130. In this session we establish current skills in order to determine learning needs and a starting point for a Literacy for Life program should you choose to enrol. The other purpose of the assessment session is to demonstrate some of the teaching strategies used by all of our tutors so you can see the way in which we work and make an informed decision about whether or not you would like to enrol with us.


Our teaching approach is a highly supportive, explicit method that teaches effective skills and strategies in reading, grammar, spelling and writing. The approach uses quality texts as the starting point for teaching how a literate text works and understanding the written word.

We focus on meaning to support students struggling to decode words in reading and we link this meaningful reading with strategies for spelling, as they transfer from one to another in both directions. The exemplary text then becomes the model for explicit teaching about writing. To support students learning to create their own texts we use a writing plan and work from shared to individual writing experiences.


For mathematics we use a supportive, explicit and hands-on approach to focus on an understanding of the foundational skills. These skills are applied to theoretical and real-life situations to build practical problem solving strategies. Mathematical texts and stories are used as a model for developing a student’s mathematical literacy. This literacy is reinforced as students move from creating shared mathematical problems to individually designing mathematical problems relevant to their world.

Learning Support

At Literacy for Life we have a number of child, young adult and adult students with a range of needs, difficulties and disabilities and these students have made meaningful progress with us.

The majority of our students attend for traditional literacy and numeracy assistance, but the services we offer, particularly to students with disabilities, are much broader than this. Many students attend for our broader services of assisting clients with study and life skills, communication, skills to assist them to access employment, community and recreation skills, and skills to enable them greater independence.

Students are very often referred to us from paediatricians and psychologists.

We provide learning support for clients with dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, autism spectrum disorder, ADHD, Down Syndrome and cognitive behaviour challenges. Our aim is to first engage all learners by giving them a sense of success through structured support and games. As these learners become more willing to take risks we reduce the support and get them to take over more of the responsibility. Our teaching approach is a well defined but flexible, highly supportive, sequence, which means that we have a structure that we know works. We’re not simply giving ‘busy work’ without a learning purpose.

Adult and Post School Learners

Individual tuition is offered to adults, post-school learners, CIT and university students to assist with all aspects of literacy. There is often nervousness or anxiety in adults who have a long history of difficulty in reading, spelling, grammar, punctuation and writing, but our supportive teaching combined with meaningful work addresses both skills and anxiety. This work can be for pleasure or can be targeted to the student’s particular needs in life, at work or in study. Most adult students are articulate and self-aware people who are capable of learning and improving their skills, at whatever age.

Our work with post-school learners or adults has included:

  • CIT students – assistance with understanding and completing coursework and written assignments in Year 11 and 12 studies and post-school courses
  • university students – assistance with deep comprehension in reading and applying understandings of structure and language expression in writing
  • tradies – help with reading, spelling and writing quotes, job logs, emails, manuals and reports
  • public servants – work on spelling, punctuation, structure and styles of writing for different genres
  • literacy for life – assistance to enable reading the newspaper, filling in forms, reading documents/recipes, deciphering instructions and directions, reading to the kids, writing shopping lists and love letters