Services Overview

At Literacy for Life, we have students from the early primary years through high school and college to adults.

  • Students attend tuition at Literacy for Life, Cook Shops or Kambah, for a one hour session once a week during the ACT government school terms
  • All sessions are individual, one-on-one sessions, at the same time and with the same tutor each week
  • We teach from 8:30am, all through the school day, with our last teaching session beginning at around 5:00pm

Most of our students attend during school hours. A parent/carer collects her/him from school, brings her/him for an hour and then returns her/him to school or home. Schools are usually very supportive of students leaving school for tuition with us. Students enrol for one term and then have the option of keeping their time for the next term if they choose to re-enrol. Although we enrol term by term, most students do attend for more than one term, as they enjoy coming, experience success and see progress.