Learning Support

At Literacy for Life we have a number of child, young adult and adult students with a range of needs, difficulties and disabilities and these students have made meaningful progress with us.

The majority of our students attend for traditional literacy and numeracy assistance, but the services we offer, particularly to students with disabilities, are much broader than this. Many students attend for our broader services of assisting clients with study and life skills, communication, skills to assist them to access employment, community and recreation skills, and skills to enable them greater independence.

Students are very often referred to us from paediatricians and psychologists.

We provide learning support for clients with dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, autism spectrum disorder, ADHD, Down Syndrome and cognitive behaviour challenges. Our aim is to first engage all learners by giving them a sense of success through structured support and games. As these learners become more willing to take risks we reduce the support and get them to take over more of the responsibility. Our teaching approach is a well defined but flexible, highly supportive, sequence, which means that we have a structure that we know works. We’re not simply giving ‘busy work’ without a learning purpose.